Big Drop coffee collab conjures up the aromas of autumn

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Alcohol-free brewer Big Drop has teamed up with Square Mile Coffee Roasters to produce a coffee flavoured beer that combines the aromas and colours of autumn.

Big Drop Square Mile

Thought to be the first of a kind in the alcohol-free category, Leafkicker is a coffee-infused amber ale that comes in at only 0.5% ABV.

As part of its mission to create great tasting alcohol-free alternatives to any popular style of craft beer, Big Drop chose Square Mile to collaborate with because of shared values, and passion for delivering a product of exceptional quality.

For Leafkicker, the brewing team used Square Mile’s Red Brick Seasonal Espresso blend, which is known for offering a sweet, slightly fruity, textured and versatile cup. It was added during the hot side of production, while transferring the liquid from the kettle and through the heat exchange to the fermentation tank.

This option was chosen to ensure there was minimal risk of over-extraction from the coffee. As with all Big Drop beers, Leafkicker is naturally brewed-to-strength, which allows it to be fully fermented while staying below the 0.5% ABV threshold throughout the whole process. The result is a beer that delivers earthy tones and subtle hints of vanilla, alongside mellow Citra hops.

Perfect pairing

Rob Fink, founder and chief executive of Big Drop, said: “There’s often more than meets the eye with a collab, and this is no exception. For coffee and beer to work well together requires the roaster and brewer to be in sync with all the flavour profiles involved.

“Thankfully, all of that togetherness is revealed when it meets your mouth. Leafkicker brings out best of both worlds and is a perfect pairing for this time of year.”

Felicity Tahtis, managing director of Square Mile, added: “We were blown away by the parallel values and processes between Big Drop and Square Mile. As a result, the collaboration came together with ease, and the whole journey from the initial conversations to profiling and tastings were rewarding and inspiring.

“But, of course, the big win is the final product. We’re all delighted with Leafkicker and can’t wait to share it with the world.”