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Campervan Brewery is showcasing the ‘wee heavy’ style with its two latest Lost in Leith barrel-aged releases.

Campervan wee heavy
Photograph: Campervan Brewery

The Leith-based brewery has decided to pay tribute to its Scottish roots with the launch of two iterations of the classic Scotch Ale. Old Fashioned Wee Heavy is inspired by the famous whisky cocktail, while Salted Speyside Wee Heavy aims to recreate the taste of salted caramel flavour.

The beers launch today and are available in the Campervan shop.

Working with Scottish Sea Salt, from Blackthorn, on this project was really important for Campervan Brewery, as they share the same passion for local produce and sustainability. Rooted in nature and organically approved, Blackthorn’s distinctive taste echoes the Scottish sea, but with an underlying mineral-rich mellowness.

Patrick Smith, brewer at Campervan Brewery, who is leading the Barrel Project, said: “After releasing several beers aged in Bourbon and wine barrels, we wanted to explore a style closer to home. Speyside is the heart of Scottish whisky, so it is a great place to source barrels. The wee heavy is a traditional style and we’ve given each beer a slight twist to elevate the flavours.”

Brewery tasting notes

Old Fashioned Wee Heavy
This 8% ABV beer has been created as a tribute to the Old Fashioned cocktail and has matured in Speyside whisky barrels for four months. To refine the expression of the famous cocktail, the brewer aged the beer on orange peel and cocktail bitters. The result is a sweet and rich caramel base, an orange twist, and a subtle, supporting smokiness.

Salted Speyside Wee Heavy
The second 8% ABV brew has also been matured in Speyside whisky barrels, but for five months. The brewer added a touch of West Coast Scottish sea salt, and bottle conditioned with muscovado sugar to pay tribute to the classic salted caramel flavour. Expect dried fruit esters, caramel and toffee malt, and a slight salinity.