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A consumer survey by alcohol-free beer brand Lucky Saint has revealed a demand for more alcohol-free options in bars and pubs.

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The results have also revealed the importance of an alcohol-free beer option being available on draught to alcohol drinkers. Thirty-nine per cent of under 45s agreed that this would prompt them to drink more alcohol-free beer.

In general, nearly a third of all people asked would now consider an alcohol-free drink in bars, pubs, and/or restaurants on any weekday or weekend evening.

One fifth (20%) of men and over a quarter (27%) of women surveyed agree they would consider alcohol-free drinks when lockdown lifts. Of the people who agreed that they would drink less if there were more alcohol-free options available in bars and pubs, 22% said that the lack of availability in general is what is stopping them, but 18% specifically referred to availability on draught.

More than a quarter (26%) of the people surveyed stated that they would like to drink less due to
concerns for their mental and physical health. These concerns were not confined to the different
generations, but rather were shared among age groups, ranging from 18 to the over-55s.

Lucky Saint’s survey has also revealed that people living in the northern regions of the UK are more
concerned about their physical health than people in the southern regions. Seventeen per cent of people in the North said they would give up drinking to lose weight and improve physical health, compared to 16% in the South.

Much like their concerns for health, people living in thenorthern regions are more worried about their spending, with 8% saying they would look to moderate/give up drinking to cut down on expenses, compared 9% to in the South.

Of those who said that they would choose to drink alcohol-free options in pubs over alcoholic ones once lockdown lifts, 20% said that they were looking to moderate/give up drinking in order to avoid hangovers.

The survey comes at a time when Lucky Saint is preparing to support on-trade venues with a credible,
high-quality alcohol-free bar option as they re-open.