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Investment at Salcombe Brewery Co will support the launch of canned products, a first lager, and new partnerships with leading South West hospitality venues.

Salcombe Brewery new site
Chairman, John Tiner, and head brewer, Sam Beaman, at Salcombe Brewery’s new site. Photograph: Salcombe Brewery Co

Chairman, John Tiner, said: “While the last year has been incredibly challenging for our industry, we have taken the opportunity presented by the lull in trade to open a second site. This site complements our existing brewery at Estuary View and will house our own bottling, canning, and kegging lines. We have also tripled our brewing capacity and introduced new cardboard packaging across the board to replace plastic.

“In addition to the packaging and fermenting capabilities at the new site, we are also moving our cask and keg storage, together with our distribution activities, from our brewhouse at Estuary View. This will enable the brewhouse, taproom and shop to offer a broader range of experiences to our visiting customers.

“The expansion means we will be able to support the local community through increased employment and to open up new markets, both locally and further afield, for our Heritage and Discovery ranges of beers.”

He added: “We are incredibly excited about the future. As well as investing in our capabilities we have also been able to develop a number of longer term partnerships with outstanding hospitality venues in the South West. We are looking forward to supporting all of our customers in meeting the thirsty demands of the public.”

Head brewer, Sam Beaman, said: “The new facilities will present fantastic opportunities for the brew team to both increase volumes of existing beers and to introduce new products within our Discovery range. The lighter cans, which also lend themselves to product innovation, will enable us to propel our online offerings and seek new distribution channels.

“We selected another Devon based business, Vigo, to work with us in the selection and commissioning of all of our new packaging and brewing equipment. We intend to make the new facilities available to other regional breweries who may be constrained in their packaging flexibility.

“Similarly, for those who have to send their beer to other parts of the country for packaging, using our local facilities will help them reduce the associated costs and logistical disruption, as well as the adverse impact on their carbon footprint.”

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