Polly’s Brew Co recalls cans of Lebble India wheat ale • Beer Today

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Welsh craft brewery Polly’s Brew Co is recalling its Lebble India wheat ale after reports of over-carbonation, bulging the can and even bursting in some instances.

Polly's Lebble

The brewery said: “We are currently investigating the cause of the issue, but we have theorised this is likely due to an unfinished ferment in the beer, despite the gravity of the beer remaining stable for three days prior to cold crashing, transferring, and then packaging.

“We have tested cans in our own store and even with cold storage. We’re finding refermentation is evident, albeit it at a less rapid pace. The yeast we used in this beer, WB-06 tends to activate over temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius, which seems to explain why the more extreme examples of this beer bulging and bursting have tended to occur exclusively in pantries and cupboards. Rest assured though that our house yeast and all subsequent beers however remain perfectly fine and stable.

“Irrespective of all this science, bluster and jargon though, this shouldn’t distract from the fact every beer we release should stable enough to sit on a shelf prior to consumption, and in this instance, we’ve messed up.”

Polly’s is now asking that any customers who still have cans of Lebble India Wheat Ale to dispose of them safely. This involves opening the can submerged in water (a full sink is perfect), and ideally with eye protection as a precaution.

“Please get in touch with photos of you disposing of the beer, and we will issue you with a coupon for use on our webstore to cover the cost of the can, as well as a little extra on us as an apology.  Please do so by emailing us: shop.pollysbrew.co.”