Pinter home brewing creator adds app to its system

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The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co has launched an app to support its Pinter home brewing system.


The Pinter is a device which allows anyone to make ten pints of beer at home. The company advocates drinking beer fresh rather than packaging and then drinking it.

Via the app, owners of a Pinter can add their brewing schedules to their phone calendar and get notifications for when to begin conditioning and when to tap. They can also customise fermentation and conditioning times.

The Pinter app also includes social features that provide a direct line to Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co team and other Pinter owners. Drinkers can connect through topic-specific threads in Taproom (the Pinter forum), and share tips and photos of what they’re brewing. The Sessions feature allows users to access immersive, app-exclusive content, including behind the scenes videos, one-on-one sessions with the Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co team, and Q and As.

The Pinter app is available to download now from the App store and Google Play.