Football kicks off, but beer sales will be down • Beer Today

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The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has predicted that England fans will buy 3 million pints tomorrow (Sunday) when their team play Croatia in their opening match of UEFA Euro 2020.

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However, the trade association warned that the boost to pubs from beer sales during the match will be severely hampered by ongoing restrictions, including one metre-plus social distancing, no standing, and the rule of six.

BBPA chief executive, Emma McClarkin, said: “Because of this, we expect pubs to sell 1 million pints less than they would have done without restrictions. That will cost our pubs £3 million on Sunday alone.

“Given our pubs have been closed or faced restrictions for more than a year, every little helps and is critical to our recovery and survival.

“More and more people are getting the vaccine each day. It’s time for the restrictions on our freedoms to be replaced by the protection of the vaccination and for businesses and life to get back to normal. The Countdown to Freedom is on.”

The BBPA estimates that, in Wales, sales will be down by 60,000 pints for their first match.