Brewers pull out of Mikkeller Beer Celebration

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After a social media backlash, a group of British brewers have changed their mind about pouring at the Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen next week.

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø
Mikkeller founder Mikkel Borg Bjergsø

In a statement, the brewers said: “Whilst our collection actions were born out of a genuine desire to move the conversation around sexism in the industry forward, we got this one wrong.

“We have had meaningful and important conversations over the past few days, and have listened to the concerns raised. We remain committed to the spirit of changeand will continue to work on the industry challenges that face us.”

The group were criticised this week for intending to attend the event in the wake of allegations of sexism and bullying at the Danish brewery.

Northern Monk Tweeted: “When taking all of the events and feedback into consideration, we have made a collective decision not to pour at MBCC. We recognise and support the need for transparency, impartiality, and safeguarding for vulnerable and marginalised members of the community and remain committed to doing our part in furthering conversations and actions to make beer a safe, inclusive, and diverse space.

“We appreciate the feedback we’ve received, both supportive and critical, and welcome anybody to get in touch with”