Bin Day Brewing fans can get involved with new brews

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Note: since we published this story this morning, the interactive brew day has been postponed due to covid. “The delay will be a short one, but obviously the health and safety of everyone involved is paramount, so we’re sorting a new date right now,” say the brewers.

Bin Day Brewing has announced it is to collaborate on a second brew, this time with County Durham S43 Brewery.

Bin Day Zoom
The Zoom meeting between Bin Day Brewing and S43 Brewery to discuss the new project

This follows Bin Day’s first brew, Valencian Tip Run, made with Docks Beers, in Grimsby, which has proved a big success.

The plan with S43 is to actually create two beers, a New England and a West Coast IPA, to highlight the difference between the two styles.

This ties with the aim of Bin Day owners Robbie Knox and Mike Millar to not just brew beer but educate their audience, too.

In a video about the plan, S43 brewer, Alex Rattray, says: “Beacuse we tend to release beers in batches of two — they’re brewed pretty close together typically… There’s a pretty new hop called Talus that’s an experimental hop. It’s just got named last year. I’ve got some on contract and I haven’t used any yet. So that was kind of the idea.

“It’s an interesting hop because it works well as the West Coast hop, a bit more traditional, but it’s also used in a lot of hazy IPAs, a lot of the newer stuff. So my thought was it would be interesting to make Talus the main point and then you can see it expressed in two very different ways.”

A difference with the second brew will be the involvement of Bin Day’s online fans. They will be asked to make a number of key decisions live on the first brew day, which is Wednesday, 11th August. There will be live streaming duing the day.

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